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  •   CVE-2024-3094 Handbook

    CVE-2024-3094, a critical vulnerability impacting various Linux distributions, has been uncovered in XZ Utils. Get to know more about it in the CVE-2024-3094 Handbook.

  •   IDOR Handbook

    A comprehensive guide to identifying, exploiting and mitigating Insecure Direct Object Reference vulnerabilities.

  •   Insecure Deserialization Handbook

    Detailed insights into detecting and preventing attacks stemming from insecure deserialization flaws.

  •   JWT Attacks Handbook

    Essential strategies and best practices for exploiting and securing JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in modern applications.

  •   SSTI Handbook

    A focused overview of Server-Side Template Injection, exploring its risks and mitigation techniques.

  •   Unrestricted File Upload Attacks Handbook

    A practical manual on identifying and defending against threats posed by unrestricted file uploads in web environments.