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1. Understanding the Target: Before using Frida, you need to understand the target application or process you want to instrument. Identify the functions, APIs, or behaviors you want to intercept or modify.

2. Installation

  • Install Frida tools on your development machine (laptop/PC) using pip:
    pip install frida-tools
  • Install Frida server on the target device (Android in this case):
    • Determine the device architecture (arm/arm64/x86/x86_64) using:
      adb shell getprop | grep abi
    • Download the compatible Frida server from the official repository: Frida Releases
    • Extract the downloaded archive and navigate to the directory.
    • Push Frida server to the device:
      adb push frida-server /data/local/tmp
    • Enter ADB shell and navigate to the directory:
      adb shell
      cd /data/local/tmp
    • Provide executable permissions to Frida server:
      chmod 777 frida-server
    • Start Frida server: ./frida-server

3. Instrumentation

  • Launch the target application on the device.

  • Write Frida scripts (JavaScript) to define hooks or modifications.

  • Run the Frida CLI or scripts using Frida tools to inject instrumentation into the target process.

4. Example Usage:

  • Spy on Crypto APIs:
    Java.perform(function () {
        var Crypto = Java.use('javax.crypto.Cipher');
        Crypto.doFinal.overload('[B').implementation = function (data) {
            console.log("doFinal intercepted with data: " + data);
            return this.doFinal(data);
  • Bypass SSL Pinning:
    Java.perform(function () {
        var TrustManagerImpl = Java.use('');
        TrustManagerImpl.verifyChain.implementation = function (untrustedChain, trustAnchorChain, host, clientAuth, ocspData, tlsSctData) {
            // bypassing SSL pinning

5. Execution:

  • Run Frida scripts against the target application:
    frida -U -f <package_name> -l <script.js> --no-pause
    Replace <package_name> with the target application's package name and <script.js> with the path to your Frida script.

6. Verification: Monitor the output of Frida scripts to verify that hooks are functioning as expected. You can observe logs or interactions as defined in your Frida scripts.

7. Cleanup: After testing, make sure to stop Frida server on the device and remove the injected instrumentation from the target process.