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Securev Code Review in JavaScript and AJAXΒΆ

Ajax and JavaScript have brought functionality back to the client side, which has brought a number of old security issues back to the forefront. The following keywords relate to API calls used to manipulate user state or the control the browser. The advent of AJAX and other Web 2.0 paradigms has pushed security concerns back to the client side, but not excluding traditional server side security concerns. Look for Ajax usage, and possible JavaScript issues.

eval document.cookie document.referrer document.attachEvent
document.body document.body.innerHtml document.body.innerText document.close
document.create document.execCommand document.forms[0].action document.location document.URL document.URLUnencoded document.write
document.writeln location.hash location.href
window.alert window.attachEvent window.createRequest window.execScript
window.location window.navigate window.setInterval
window.setTimeout XMLHTTP