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Rights and responsibilities

As maintainers, we are entrusted with the responsibility to moderate communication within our community, including the authority to close, remove, reject, or edit issues, discussions, comments, commits, and to block users who do not align with our contribution guidelines and our Code of Conduct. This role requires us to be actively involved in maintaining the integrity and positive atmosphere of our community. Upholding these standards decisively ensures a respectful and inclusive environment for all members.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines the expectation for all community members to treat one another with respect, employing inclusive and welcoming language. Our commitment is to foster a positive and supportive environment, free of inappropriate, offensive, or harmful behavior.

We take any violations seriously and will take appropriate action in response to uphold these values.

Incomplete issues and duplicates

  • Closing incomplete issues: We reserve the right to close issues lacking essential information. Issues can be reopened once the missing information has been provided.

  • Handling duplicates: To maintain organized and efficient communication within our discussion board, we reserve the right to close any duplicated issues or lock duplicated discussions. Opening multiple channels to ask the same question or report the same issue across different forums hinders our ability to manage and address community concerns effectively. This approach is vital for efficient time management, as duplicated questions can consume the time of multiple team members simultaneously. Ensuring that each issue or discussion is unique and progresses with new information helps us to maintain focus and support our community.

  • We further reserve the right to immediately close discussions or issues that are reopened without providing new information or simply because users have not yet received a response to their issue/question, as the issue is marked as incomplete.