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GraphQL API Pentesting

GraphQL introduces a flexible and powerful way to interact with APIs, but it also brings new security considerations. Here's an overview of GraphQL security, common misconfigurations, and useful tools:


  • Query Language for APIs: GraphQL provides a query language for APIs, allowing clients to request exactly the data they need.
  • Runtime for Data Fulfillment: It serves as a runtime for fulfilling those queries with existing data, providing a complete description of the API data.

Common Misconfigurations

Introspection Query

  • Risk: Exposing introspection queries to the public can lead to information disclosure, revealing sensitive API details.
  • Recommendation: Limit access to introspection queries internally and prevent public access to sensitive API information.

Tools & Burp Extensions

  • inql: A security testing tool for GraphQL APIs that allows for fuzzing, query discovery, and other security testing functionalities.
  • Burp Extensions: Extensions like "GraphQL Raider" for Burp Suite provide capabilities for scanning and testing GraphQL endpoints for security vulnerabilities.


  • GraphQL Voyager: A tool for visualizing GraphQL APIs, providing insights into schema structure and relationships.
  • Detectify Labs Article: Discusses GraphQL abuse and potential security risks associated with misconfigured GraphQL endpoints.
  • Medium Articles: Various articles explore GraphQL vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques, offering insights and practical examples.

Additional Resources