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Subdomain Takeover

Vulnerability Name

Subdomain Takeover of [Subdomain URL]

Vulnerability Description

A subdomain takeover occurs when an attacker gains control over a subdomain of a target domain. Typically, this happens when the subdomain has a canonical name (CNAME) in the Domain Name System (DNS), but no host is providing content for it.

This can happen because either a virtual host hasn't been published yet or a virtual host has been removed. An attacker can take over that subdomain by providing their own virtual host and then hosting their own content for it.

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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to [Subdomain URL].
  2. Observe as this URL shows [Specific Error].
  3. The provider/engine for our target application is [Provider Name].
  4. Since [Provider Name] does not perform any automated fingerprint check, we can try to register for this subdomain.
  5. Observe we are able to takeover [Subdomain URL] by registering it without any authentication.


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Attacker can potentially read cookies set from the main domain, perform cross-site scripting, or circumvent content security policies, thereby enabling them to capture protected information (including logins) or send malicious content to unsuspecting users.

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  • Define standard processes for provisioning and deprovisioning hosts. Do all steps as closely together as possible.
  • Put pressure on hosting vendors to close gaps; ask how they verify that someone claiming a virtual host actually has a legitimate claim to the domain name. Work within your organization to make this part of the vendor qualification process.

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